Wet, wet, wet…

February 5, 2011

Categories: Victorian flash floods Feb 2011

was a band, but also the state of our suburb on Saturday morning as we woke to find trees on roads and cars submerged under instant street lakes. I never understood why people flocked to gawk at such events, but now get it. There is something of the ‘there but for the grace of God’, something of the awe of nature’s force and something of the ‘I see it but don’t believe it’ variety. In the top photo, a tree near us takes out road access. In the waterlogged picture (down the road from us), just next to the ute, you can see just the top of a car rising above the water. Much later in the day, as water drained away, another car appeared.
It has just started raining again.

6 Responses to “Wet, wet, wet…”

  1. Sian says:

    Feb 2009 – your suburb in the firezone, as I recall? Someone up there sure has a sense of humour…
    Keep safe xx

  2. Sue L says:

    Hey KT my GSP knows great back streets around your area…far too mountain goat like for flooding! I'm happy to share!
    Hope your place is dry!

  3. karen tayleur says:

    Yes, fire, flood – locusts next?

  4. karen tayleur says:

    Hey Sue, not sure your mountain goat tracks safe at this point. Our place okay, if a little soggy? And you?

  5. Sian says:

    I think the locusts were blown out to sea… could spiders be another form of pestilence?? We have a tardis of webs outside our back doors which we think may be the gateway to other worlds!
    Hope you are drying out with no landslides xx

  6. karen tayleur says:

    Thanks S, you can have the spiders. Enjoy your wedding. cheers kt

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