Too Much Information

February 19, 2015

Categories: writing

Author photos on jackets, or not? This has been an ongoing discussion for a while among my friends – readers and writers alike…

Opinion is divided. Some people see the inclusion of a photo as an extra little gift. As if the author is talking direct to them – usually a studio shot with filtered light and carefully engineered shadows or in the moment shots that took several hours to get just right. Others hate the author photo (including many who hate having their photo taken). It falls into the same camp as watching a film of your favourite book and having the actors not fit your the image your imagination conjured up.

“That can’t be her author photo,” complained one friend. “That person looks like an accountant!”

To paraphrase the old adage… “One shouldn’t judge a book by the jacket’s author photo…”

(PS: And there’s nothing wrong with looking like an accountant.)

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