To the Starman Waiting in the Sky

May 8, 2011

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May Gibbs Fellowship
1st Weekend

Dear Alien from a distant planet.

Saturday’s fun began at 8.30am.
I watched a lot of twiggy-legged boys running about and trying their hardest to grab a piece of leather and kick it between two of the tallest sticks in a group of four sticks at the top end of an oval. When this happened there was a lot of cheering. When it didn’t come off there were many groans and excitement from those who didn’t want the ball to go in between the two tallest sticks at that end. They wanted it go in at the other end of the ground. When the ball went between any sticks, a crazy guy grabbed a flag, or two, and waved them around. I think he was trying to show them where the ball was supposed to go.

A group of adults hung around the edges of the oval. You could tell that they wanted to join in, but they must have been too scared to get dirty. This didn’t stop them from yelling instructions to the boys on the ground, which was most helpful. There was also a man in a colourful shirt who ran around after them, which was a caring thing for him to do. Every now and then he’d blow a whistle he had hanging around his neck and the running would stop and everyone would listen to what he had to say. A bit of a show off, really. Sometimes he would take the ball and throw it up in the air. I guess he got sick of not having the ball and he was the biggest on the ground so he could do this. After this went on for a while, a loud noise sounded and the boys stopped running after the leather. Then one group of boys, all dressed in the same colours, got together in a huddle and had a talk. The others did the same. Then the noise sounded and it was on again. This happened three times and then, on the fourth horn, they all gave up and left the ground. I guess they figured they’d rather be doing something else.

Here on Earth, we call this AFL football.
I know it sounds silly, but it can be quite fun.

My nephew’s team won by 1 point.

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  1. Sian says:

    Hey KT – just caught up with all your blogs from the parallel universe -LOVE the analogy! Keep 'em coming, I always read even if I don't comment. Your phone probably worked overtime on Sunday?? Sian xx

  2. karen tayleur says:

    Hi Stan, had a nice Mothers Day – hope yours was good. Love to your mum, kt

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