Titanic – without that sinking feeling

March 28, 2012

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I am going to confess right up front that Sue Lawson is a friend of mine. Let’s get that clear. But what you also need to know – in case you haven’t found out already – is that Sue Lawson is a great YA author and she has done it again.

This time she’s time travelled to the Titanic, which is timely given the anniversary of its maiden voyage on April 10.
Her latest book, Forget Me Not, is to be launched on Sunday 1 April at, fittingly, The Titanic Restaurant in Williamstown. You’re all invited – should be a hoot.
The last thing I need to confess is that this is my favourite Sue Lawson book so far – and if you know her work that should have you running out to buy your copy right now!
Congratulations, Sue.
You’ve done it again!

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