The Ultimate Escape

March 11, 2009

Categories: disney, Persnickitty Snicket, swiss family robinson

Seems P.S. and I have something in common. We both have a yearning to live in the amazing treehouse created in the the Disney version of Swiss Family Robinson. I know Disney has a lot to answer for, but its films and animations definitely coloured my childhood and I never quite lost the yearning to live on a deserted island in the amazing treehouse (with one of the hunky boys). Does make you wonder, though, how far from the evolution tree we have come… and why I’m trying to get back there. Which reminds me of the chimpanzee who has given scientists the evidence they were looking for re cognitive thinking. Seems he stored up some rocks but waited for the lunchtime crowds at the zoo before pelting them at his visitors. Fair enough really. Wonder what he would think of the SFR treehouse?

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