The definition of happiness

June 14, 2014

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Stories and dreams are what make my world turn.

Sitting here today in a beautiful old house in Maldon – at a table with four other laptops clacking away, the winter sun filtering through naked branches – I was ruminating on the definition of happiness.

Happiness as a 4 year old
listening to my father read me a story.

Happiness as a 10 year old
thinking fame would bring me happiness, imagining an abundance of wealth.

Happiness as a 14 year old
sleepovers at my best friend’s house, telling stories through the night.

Happiness in my 20s
romance and marriage and dreaming of the future

Happiness in my 30s
motherhood and the hopes and dreams for our children

Happiness in my 40s
a career that celebrates writing

Happiness now
listening to a friend read me a story.


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