Take Cover

June 18, 2011

Categories: Angel Creek, Bobby Dazzler, Daytona Demon, Linda George, Mamma's Little Girl, Suzie Quatro, The Night Chicago Died

When I was a young ‘un my music came on vinyl records and the cover art for the album was nearly as important as the music. Bobby Dazzler (1974 vintage apparently) was quite laid back compared to some of the covers coming out then, and included such star performers as Suzie Q (Daytona Demon), Paper Lace (The Night Chicago Died) and Miss Linda George (Mamma’s Little Girl). Songs that I had long forgotten until I checked out the playlist but the cover I had never forgotten, its lure of pseudo neon typeface… and incredibly expensive use of tin foil. Of course I ditched my vinyls as soon as CDs came in, but the covers never translated to the smaller format and the excitement was lost.

In much the same way, I am wondering how the digitization of books will affect book covers in the future. While it is true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, I just can’t help but pick up beautiful looking books, if just to feel them and check out the blurb on the back. Basically, they have me at hello. Angel Creek is a gorgeous cover and the story inside lives up to its promise. And once you finish the book, it can sit as a piece of art on your bookshelf.

Or is that just me?

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  1. michaelgerardbauer says:

    No it's me too Karen.

  2. karen tayleur says:

    : )

  3. Sue Whiting says:

    Love the Angel Creek cover. I bought the book because of it and enjoyed the story also. Covers are so important – every time I look at that gorgeous image, I am instantly transported back to the story. Not the same with an e-book.

  4. Corinne Fenton says:

    Ok, there's another book (and cover) to add to my Brisbane reading list.
    Thanks Kt.

  5. karen tayleur says:

    You'd be happy with your cover for Cooper Jones as well, Sue? It evokes a retro feel and a great sense of the Aussie beach. Thanks for a good read.

  6. karen tayleur says:

    Corinne, I have been watching your weather report every night and comparing it with here — you sure picked a good time to scarper out of the state!

  7. Sue Whiting says:

    Thanks, Karen. Yes I love my Cooper cover. (Cooper is pretty cute too!)

  8. Sally Rippin says:

    Oh thanks Karen! I have been a bit slack following blogs lately and missed this lovely post. Yes, I adore the cover. WH Chong is a genius in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed the book, too.

  9. Joanne Horniman says:

    I disagree about your comment that the excitement is lost in CD covers – there some amazing little packages out there – sure they're smaller, but it just makes the creation of a CD cover more creative – you probably don't know these CDs but I'm thinking of 'Sweetheart Rodeo' by Dawn landes, and 'Have One One Me', by Joanna Newsom … and many more – one of the reasons I don't download is I like to have the entire package.

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