So the reason I haven’t rung…

August 16, 2010

Categories: After Sue Lawson, Graffiti Moon Cath Crowley

Okay, things have been a little busy around here.
Including an 18th birthday that lasted a whole weekend, and a mss that I’ve finally let go of today after a slight weekend panic.

On the bright side…
Just want to say that I am visiting Deer Park West Primary School next week and can’t wait to catch up with my old school, the students and the teachers.

Also, doing a gig with Cath Crowley at the Melbourne Writer’s Fest on Sept 1 and can’t wait.
Shamelessly now going to plug Cath’s latest book
Graffiti Moon
and Sue Lawson’s book After, which has just been highly commended by the Australian Family Therapists award. (Sue has won the award previously with her book Allie McGregor’s True Colours.)
Both great reads.
If you are into YA fiction, I say (in the words of Molly Meldrum) do yourself a favour…

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