So how’s the writing going…?

April 14, 2010

Categories: procrastination, writer's block

Got up early for some serious writing.
But first, to the emails.
Then made brekky for the teendults, took the teen to the station and got back to get into it.
Made my own brekky first, made a coffee, dishwasher, load of washing, tidy up, made bed,
sat down to get on with it.
Opened up file (good move).
Who wrote this rubbish. Edited last chapter.
Updated story dictionary.
Back to the story.
And so on.
Even moved lounge room furniture around.
Spoke to fellow author about various topics
ranging from life to death and everything in between.
So now, sitting at computer, not leaving until I have 2,000 words.
(I wonder if deleted words count?)
But first I’ll just fill my water bottle…

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