Science Fiction – just another excuse to write good stories

August 3, 2009

Categories: ray bradbury, science fiction

I am currently reading The Best Short Stories of Ray Bradbury, a book which I have just discovered in my garage stash. Some of the stories are dated with their reference to years which have come and gone without the advent of flying cars or completely autonomised homes, but the essence of the stories ring true. Bradbury writes about human nature, and this never changes, no matter how ‘modern’ we think we are. In this age of ‘the latest thing’, it’s nice to delve back into the bookshelf and see the legacy left by yesterday’s authors.

2 Responses to “Science Fiction – just another excuse to write good stories”

  1. CrazyBunnyLady says:

    There was a commercial in 2000 where Avery Brooks said, "Where are my flying cars? I was promised flying cars." Makes me laugh. If you're interested in how sci-fi has effected everyday life, I suggest a book called, "Where's My Jetpack?" Really good.

  2. karen tayleur says:

    Thanks CBL, i'll look into that. As an avid watcher of Lost in Space, I couldn't wait for the day I got my back jet pack so I could motor around in the sky. Still on order, sigh.

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