Say what you mean

December 2, 2010

Categories: misogyny, Netherlands, truth

Have you ever noticed how polite people mostly are?
I find myself doing the same thing sometimes:

Oh really? Is that what you thought?
Hmm, I could see why you might think that.
Oh, you think misogyny is great for a laugh, ha ha.
Well, that’s certainly one way you could interpret that story…
Shoulder pads are coming back in fashion? You don’t say.

Or you could just say,
I disagree.
Which is also satisfying, to the point, and more truthful.

Finally, I seem to have lost my instant Netherlands followers.
They came like a rainbow after a shower.
All bright and shiny and inexplicable but delightful.
Now they have vanished.
Maybe to appear again one day…

3 Responses to “Say what you mean”

  1. Sian says:

    Do you think the tendency to just cut to the chase, to say what you mean, not sugar coat it, comes with age? It seems to me that as I get older I am more comfortable with my opinions and am not as afraid of conflict.
    Just a thought…

  2. karen tayleur says:

    Hmm, I never noticed you being afraid to say what you mean. (Or maybe that was just with me?) Don's genes at work…

  3. Sian says:

    just with you!!

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