November 30, 2010

Categories: NaNoWriMo 2010, Netherlands

Okay, well NaNoWriMo has gone the way of other good ideas that I have had over the years.

There was the exercise bike that ended up being a clothes hanger.
The apple cider vinegar diet that gave me an aversion to salad dressing.
The handkerchief skirted dress that made me look like a harlequin.
The bubble skirt – the less said about that the better.
Hermit crabs as pets. (I can’t talk about that either.)

Big apologies to my NNWM friends.
I wasn’t much support but I promise never to do it again.

PS: Netherlands still winning in the blog view stats – two days in a row. I don’t know why, but nice to know you’re there!

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