New Year’s Resolutions… in March

March 29, 2009

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It took me until now to figure out that you can make a New Year’s Resolution whenever you like.
I used to think you had to make it on the stroke of 12 on Jan 1, then I used to give myself some leeway and it could be up to a week later then the whole month of January.
Then I stopped making them, because I would never keep them (usually ‘my NYR is to lose 50kg in the next five weeks’) but I made one the other day and have stuck to it so far.
The resolution was to contact at least one friend per day. Which doesn’t sound a lot except that I’d managed to get to a point where managing to contact one friend A WEEK was all I could do. I started on March 1 and so far have kept to it. It’s making me feel better, less closed off from the outside world and is keeping me from the hermit persona that I could easily slip into if I let myself.
It’s a bit weird in this age of being able to be in touch 24/7 that we seem to communicate less with the people we care about…

2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions… in March”

  1. limeywesty says:

    Hi Karen,
    Just wondering where you’ve been in the last few whiles.
    I miss reading your blog updates and was wondering if you were coming back anytime soon.
    Also, Writers’ Club at Toorak College have written some things for your short and scary anthology if that’s still happening.
    Either way, hope to see you reappearing soon on your blog.
    Emily x

  2. karen tayleur says:

    Hi Emily
    It is official.
    I am the worst blogger in the world.
    Sometimes I am scared that if I write everything I want to on a blog I'll have nothing left to write as an author.
    Other times I just don't get around to it but it happens in my head. All right. Another NYR – to blog more frequently. Re S&S, still happening and after some student input so great!

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