Manuscript Appraisal
and Author Mentoring

Karen has over ten years experience in publishing, with eight years as an editor at black dog books.

A service for established and emerging authors looking for:

  • a structural edit
  • copy editing
  • character and plot development
  • feedback and suggestions
  • mentoring
If you are interested in having your manuscript assessed, contact karen for further information.

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    Case studies

    Karen has the unique ability to look at a manuscript from what I call the 'helicopter' view. She notices things that other writers or editors may never see and doesn't tell you how to fix it, just tells you it's there, waiting for you to care for it. It might be a phrase, a paragraph or a single word that is lost and needs to find a new home.

    Karen is simply the best! She has edited most of my books and none of them would be what they are now without her insightful, positive feedback. Need help with your manuscript? You won't be disappointed.

    Karen Tayleur's editorial talent and years of experience gives her the ability to pinpoint what it is your manuscript needs. Whether the problems lie in the voice, the structure, two-dimensional characters - whatever - Karen hones in on the issues that may be holding your story back. Her gentle guidance and suggestions took my manuscript to another level, giving me the confidence and faith I needed to present it for publication. If I could bottle that , well, I wouldn't need Karen. Seeing as I can't, I'll be calling on her again with the next one.

    - Bernadette Kelly

    Karen Tayleur is an astute and thoughtful manuscript assessor. She had so many great suggestions on how to improve my manuscript and gave me the confidence to submit my work.

    Thanks so much, Karen, for the very astute and insightful appraisal you did on my YA manuscript.

    I can so see the benefit of your publishing experience coming through both in your critique and our post assessment discussion. The major benefit to me is not only learning what aspects need tweaking but what I might work on in order to take it to the next level and make it of greater interest for publishers and the market.

    - Chris Bell

    Karen has assessed several of my picture book manuscripts with a positive, yet honest, approach.

    Her reports are very detailed and she gives invaluable suggestions and insights.

    I have found her 'editor speak' very useful when writing my synopsis and pitch.

    - Diane Jackson

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