Maggie Beer – champagne taste!

May 23, 2011

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May Gibbs Fellowship
Sunday 22nd May

Bernadette Kelly came by for a visit to the Burrow on the weekend and after an intensive writing day we took time out to visit the gorgeous Barossa Valley. Unfortunately, BK suffered a bout of car sickness through the windy roads (nothing to do with my driving, she assured me) but luckily recovered at the sight of the Maggie Beer Farm sign.

We walked in to see Maggie behind the counter, and the magic continued from there. Lunch was delectable and the pantry gave us too many choices to take home, but the cooking class was the highlight as we learned what to do with verjuice. I had to take the class at one stage (okay, yes that is a staged photo), and we left to the screech of the peacock at the front door.

Top pic: Creme Caramel. Did we want dessert? Ummm, what do you think?
Middle pic: On the set of The Cook and The Chef, one of my favourite shows ever.
Bottom pic: BK just before she bought all the verjuice and oiive oil bagged up behind her.

5 Responses to “Maggie Beer – champagne taste!”

  1. Corinne Fenton says:

    Now I know what you girls were going on about last night. Looks wonderful. Funny though, I kept staring at your photo in the kitchen KT and thinking 'that's not the May Gibb's Adelaide kitchen' . . . and I was right. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  2. karen tayleur says:

    wish you were there, C

  3. Sue Lawson says:

    Sounds like the most sensational time – bar the carsickness! Now you have to pass on your verjuice knowledge too! And you did look the part in Maggie's kitchen. Very much looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!! x

  4. Alison Arnold says:

    What is verjuice? I have always wanted to know. And what is vincotto and how do you use it? Off to Wikipedia. KT and BK, that sounds amazing. Love the photos. X

  5. karen tayleur says:

    Hmmmm vincotto – AA I am going to have to cook you a chook with verjuice (and mushrooms!)

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