I don’t know where to begin… (or, a day in the life of a Children’s Publishing Consultant)

March 16, 2017

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In the words of Icehouse, or later from Missy Higgins, I don’t know where to begin, but this is all that I know…

I’ve been kicking things off my to do list lately. It was painful, but I had to concede that I am never going to make it as a contestant on Young Talent Time. Nor will I be gracing that wonky-looking set on Countdown, rocking out with my big 80s style hair, lip-syncing to something about love, above, rain and pain. (You’d be surprised how many pop songs include these words…) While I dabbled with a fantasy re the look on Ricky Martin’s face as he swung around in his chair on The Voice to see who that amazing singer was, I have also flicked this idea to the rubbish bin. mega888

A few other dreams have joined these on the heap. My short-lived idea of being an Olympic ice-skater (never skated, but did like some of the skaters’ outfits), the idea of being a late-blooming tennis star (took lessons for my honeymoon, then realised you actually have to RUN around the court to play – a court that looks much smaller on TV), or a psychic (have no talent in this area, also Alison Dubois looks like she never gets a full night’s sleep, which would be annoying).

It has come to my attention that in my haste to turn a new page in my life, I have been endeavouring to leave previous chapters behind. I’ve been turning back over the pages lately, smiling at the margin scrawls, checking out the footnotes, and realising how much I am missing the career that had sustained me for the last 20 years.

And so…

Back to it. It’s not ‘all that I know’ but it’s what I love to do. Over the past couple of months I’ve been resisting the pull of publishing, but it has gradually crept back into my life. So I thought I’d make it official. I have dusted off my editorial shingle and hung it proudly outside my virtual office.

If you don’t know where to begin…

Or if you have a writing project that is stuck…

Or if you want some general advice about children’s publishing…

Please contact me — I would love to have a chat with you. Fee supplied upon request.

Meanwhile, I am adding new things to my to do list. Lounge Singer. Winner of Master Chef. Mountaineer…

P.S. Yes, I do know that the title of the song is Don’t Believe Anymore — but I think maybe they were just having a bad day…

12 Responses to “I don’t know where to begin… (or, a day in the life of a Children’s Publishing Consultant)”

  1. Sian says:

    Go girl xx

  2. Louise Park says:

    Congratulations, Karen! Go well in the world of publishing consulting! I wish you all good things in this world. Louise xx

  3. Kaz Delaney says:

    Great to hear! You’ve been missing off my radar for a while. Now I know where you’ve been and I’m surprised I haven’t bumped into you!

    And I empathise. I recently ticked comedienne off my list of things to do before – well you know. I realised you have to have good balance and falling off a stage isn’t all that funny if you’re the one falling.

    Master Chef is still there though. Maybe. Or perhaps I’ll just call myself that. No one will dare argue.

    But it’s great to see you following a dream – or continuing a dream – no matter what it is. I’m not going to do the life is short stuff (even though I just did) but – well – it is! Be happy. Be fulfilled. Enjoy this part of the journey. It’s what you do and what you do well.


    • karen says:

      Hey, Kaz!
      Been a while since we’ve caught up – so nice to hear from you! Did you fall off a stage? I am happy to call you Master Chef. I agree – life is too short, hope to see you again on the journey. x

  4. Janeen Brian says:

    Nice one, Karen. good to know – and good wishes. j x

  5. Meredith Costain says:

    Of course you have! It’s what you do/are. All the best in the new chapter of loife.

  6. Never say never, to anything. Good to hear Karen. Rock on and enjoy what you love. xx

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