Here comes the sun

May 4, 2011

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May Gibbs Fellowship
Day 4

Today I chased the sun into the bedroom. I moved the bed and set up a card table (does The Burrow have EVERYTHING?) under the window. Guess I’m used to a sunny study at home and hate to have the light on before I really need to.

I also have a new man in my life. It is the automatic time announcer on my laptop. I call him Mat. Every hour he announces the time. Sometimes I thank him. Sometimes I ignore him. Still, it’s nice to have someone around to ignore. And it does help me keep track of time.

Oh, and I need an explanation of poking on Facebook. Is it friendly or aggressive? And how long should the poking go on for?

2 Responses to “Here comes the sun”

  1. Ash Lark says:

    great blog KT!

    poking is friendly, and it can go on for as long as you like. I have poking wars with friends that have been going on over 3 months 🙂

  2. karen tayleur says:

    Ahhhh, good. Then I shall keep poking back until the other person breaks! Nice to see you at Easter. I challenge you to another game of Up and Down the River when I see you next!

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