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June 1, 2010

Categories: death, high school friends, invincible

I’ve been thrown recently by finding out that a friend from high school had died three years ago.
I was thrown, because in my mind he was still 17, with hair, a cheeky grin and a wicked sense of humour.
I was thrown, because I have been writing YA and thinking about my Year 12 (Form 6 year) so he was
very vivid in my mind. I imagined discussing some details with him.

But Kismet has a way of finding me.
Another friend from that era got in touch through Facebook several days ago and mentioned this death
in casual conversation.

I have met many other people since high school, some who still remain friends, so I wonder why it is
that high school friends and the time spent there has such a nostalgic pull.
Was it because it was a time of ‘firsts’ or such intense emotions
that we learn to reign in as we became adults?

Maybe it is because it is a time of such promise.
We are invincible.

Vale Tony.

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