Got it covered?

March 5, 2009

Categories: Book covers

I’m looking for the perfect cover.
Sometimes I think I’ve seen it, but when I check on it later, sometimes only days later, I’ve moved on.
What makes a great cover?
That’s my question. Does there need to be a mystery about it? Does it need to give a hint to what’s inside? Is it about the embellishments or the size of the type on the cover or the colour palette that was used?
What is that elusive ingredient that makes you stand back and say, now that is a cool cover?

3 Responses to “Got it covered?”

  1. Adele says:

    I seem to be more attracted to covers that are minimalist. That tend towards a solid colour, interesting type and a simplistic graphic. I don’t tend to like those that feature people as part of the fun of reading is imagining the characters in your head.

  2. LisaMay says:

    It has to have a great layout, I cant stand it when things aren’t put together the way I think they should be! The right font, size and position is also really important. Stupid cropping of images is unforgivable.

    I don’t mind it when the cover has a person because I can’t imagine things in my head anyway, but I do hate it when the people on the cover don’t even resemble their description in the book!

  3. karen tayleur says:

    Hey Lisa May, I agree that characters who look nothing like the people described in the book is unforgivable – makes you think the designer hasn’t even bothered to find out about the book. The hard thing is a cover can’t all things to all people and sometimes it’s the only thing between being picked up in a book shop and staying on the shelf. Adele I think the icon, font and solid colour is really working at the moment but makes you wonder how long for…

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