Finding the mobile phone line

July 6, 2010

Categories: manners, mobile phones

After the crossing of the line yesterday (re woman talking on the phone in the toilet cubicle next to me) I have decided to conduct a poll as to where other lines are re using mobile phones.

I would like to start the ball rolling with people talking on mobiles in the cinema. Although, depending on the movie, sometimes their conversation can be more entertaining…

2 Responses to “Finding the mobile phone line”

  1. Claire says:

    I work in a creperie and we often have late night couples come in for crepes and coffee. Frequently, I'll come out with their food and find them both on mobile phones… Hello! Talk to each other! Isn't that the point of a date? Sheesh.

  2. karen tayleur says:

    I have this vision of the people in future going out to socialise but not talking to the people they are out with, talking on their mobiles, listening to their iPods and texting… hang on, already happening!

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