The Little Shop Around the Corner Wins…

February 22, 2011

Categories: The Little Shop Around the Corner, You've Got Mail

As Borders finds itself in financial strife, the doomsayers are rubbing their hands with solemn glee as they reiterate their favourite chant – ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’ (now, who sang that? REM?). It’s true that the publishing industry is currently facing a major shake up and really it’s not the best time to be a publisher/author/illustrator, but most of us are hanging on for dear life to see where the ride will take us.

Maybe they should make a sequel of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ where Fox Bookstore closes their doors and Meg Ryan opens up her Shop Around The Corner (or should she rename it Readings?), because when we last left her in YGM she was writing a book and I suspect it is the Independents who will be selling it.

That said, I had my last book launch at Borders Knox City and the staff were incredibly supportive and generous with their time. I have always found Borders staff helpful. So sending best wishes to them tonight — hope we can all hang on for the ride.


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