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October 22, 2010

Categories: last day of school, TMNT

13 years ago (and a bit) I took a photo of my daughter in her new school uniform with her backpack that reached down to the back of her knees. 13 years later, just this morning, I took a photo of her on her last day of school. Of course there were bound to be changes. She’s having trouble with her skin at the moment (it’s green).

So what was I doing on the eve of the Six book launch? Getting organised for the big day? Maybe having a relaxing facial or a manicure? Negative, dude. I was plodding through the $2 shops and K-Mart to find a Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit — of course — for her and her three buddies. Then I sent her off to school today with strict instructions not to get involved in any muck up that will see her sitting her exams in the city instead of school.

Fingers crossed.

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