The Adjustment Bureau – the snack bar is open

March 30, 2011

Categories: bring your own coffee, Dark City, The Adjustment Bureau, thermos

When I was young we used to go to the drive in movies. Us kids would get dressed in our pjs, the back seat would be piled with blankets and pillows and Mum would bring the basket of goodies.

I hated that basket.

When the snack time ad came on screen, other people got to go and buy really tasty things such as chips and well who knows what stuff because we were never allowed to go. Mum always brought a thermos filled with hot chocolate which was delicious but not a patch on buying it at the snack bar. Then I grew up and went to the snack bar at the movies, even when I didn’t particularly want to, but because I could.

Tonight my world shifted 360 degrees. Before we went to the movies, my daughter insisted on making up a thermos of coffee.
‘You’re joking?’ I asked.
But she insisted and happily poured herself a cap of coffee as Emily Blunt kissed Matt Damon for the first time in the men’s toilets of a very swish marble place. I loved the men with their little hats busily working away for the betterment of mankind. The film reminded me a little of the 1998 movie Dark City except with a romance thrown in and without the film noir shadows.
As for the thermos, said daughter insists that it is latest etiquette in cinema entertainment. I’m sure my mother would be pleased to hear that…


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