Christmas List – David Mortimore Baxter Series

December 21, 2010

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I talked to the DMB gang the other day and asked them to send me their Christmas lists. As usual David was the last to get back to me. He said he had a really good excuse for being late, but he never actually told me what that excuse was…

Infra-red goggles (for Spies game)
Tickets to see Smashing Smorgan at the WWW Christmas Spectacular
New collar for Boris
To grow taller than Victor Sneddon by next semester
Ability to be invisible when Gran comes to visit

The boxed set of Mission Impossible
A box of chocolates for Ms Stacey
Acting for kids – Summer School
Gold Class Movie Tickets

The Genesis 3 Super Rat Gym from Pets R Crazy
Special food treat for Ralph
A new ‘The Book’ book – old one full
Pack of 36 watercolour pencils

New hair straightener
Voucher for Nails R Us
Voucher for X-pensive Wardrobe
Gold earrings
New pony
Latest iPod
World peace

Rose, what’s the point of putting world peace? You’re not in a beauty contest. As if you ever would be.
David, I can put world peace if I want to. What are you? The list police? Anyway, as if you can get the power of being invisible—
Yeah, well, I wish you were invisible—

Umm, thanks everyone.
Merry Christmas

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