Settling in at the Burrow

May 3, 2011

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May Gibbs Fellowship
Day 3

You know you’re feeling comfortable with a place when you organise a major haircut. Or is that just me? So had a Surreal experience then off to Officeworks. Today I worked out that it was going to be cheaper (and much easier) for me to buy a printer than to go down to the local library to print out. A printer for $49 – it’s also a scanner. That’s ridiculous. Of course, its the peripherals that make it worth their while – the extra ink was $36 for an extra large tank of black. Still. Spent the rest of the afternoon printing out and sorting.

Pic One: Time for a major chop.

Pic Two: Tonight I had a lovely dinner with Mary and Ian Wilson (from the May Gibbs Support Group) in their home which is a story in itself. Part of it is listed with the Heritage Trust. They should also be listed as National Treasures. Could have spent many more hours just chatting but they wisely took me home at a reasonable hour. Which means I could blog on time!

Pic Three: Congratulations to Caity for getting her driver’s license today. Not that I ever doubted she would get through. (Is that Marley on the couch now?)

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