Excuse me, do I know you?

March 24, 2011

Categories: Strangers you should know, Super Mario, Tom Selleck

You know the feeling.
You’re at a school reunion, or the petrol station, or at a footy game, and the stranger approaching you from the opposite direction has a huge smile on their face.
You panic.
You should know this person. You smile back, flipping through the photo albums in your memory which come up with a big fat zero.
It happened to me tonight.
I was in our local shopping mall and a man to the right of me left the shiny Telstra shop where people were signing the next 24 months of their lives away. (Ahh, shiny, pretty – can’t hear anything except ‘it’s all yours’)
So there he was, approaching me with a grin, and I knew straight away that I should know him. He had a cocky walk and a crooked grin. He moved with purpose and the crowds cleared a path for him as he strode toward me.
He had a moustache. This took up 35% of his face – so I couldn’t avoid thinking about it. I flicked through my memory album but all it could come up with was Tom Selleck, and I have to say he was no Tom Selleck.

It was only on the way home that I realised why I recognised him.
He looked exactly like Super Mario from our Wii game at home.


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