Disturbing Insight

November 15, 2010

Categories: Axe Murderer, Blog Stats, Stephen King

I recently discovered the stats page on my blog software and find it fascinating. The most viewed blog so far was written last year and titled ‘The Axe Murderer is Upstairs’. I wrote it when I was at work, late one night, alone in the double storey Victorian brick building that came to life after business hours with footsteps and creaks and groans.

It was a short post, something to acknowledge the discomfort I was feeling, a laugh at my imagination. I had no comments on the post but discovered on my stats page that it was the most viewed.

Am wondering if the label for the post, Axe Murderer, and Stephen King, hooked readers in??


The Axe-murderer is upstairs…

July 14, 2009

Categories: imagination, Stephen King

The rain rattles at the door, the floor above me creaks when I know that no one is upstairs, I turn up the radio, bolt the front door and try to calm my imagination.
Damn Stephen King!

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