In a galaxy, far far away…

October 30, 2010

Categories: Schoolies, Year 12

were two girls at the end of Form 6 (Year 12) who announced to their parents they were off to Tasmania for, what would later become known as, Schoolies. Very risque to say the least. This week we got together for a catch up birthday lunch for her birthday. Happy Birthday Stan. To me we will always be those two girls who hopped on a plane to go on an adventure of a llfetime.

It is the (pretend) long weekend that preceeds the bulk of Year 12 exams. While the rest of the family have gone off to play, I’m hanging around making my Year 12 eat (mostly) healthy food, driving to Officeworks for that one thing that could make all the difference with her Maths score and generally feeling like I’m in a doctor’s waiting room.

Good luck to all the Year 12’ers out there. Sending good thoughts your way.


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