Themes and writing and Oprah Winfrey

March 21, 2011

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Firstly – this image has nothing to do with this post. It’s just that I was missing it from my blog header, so I popped it in because it always makes me smile. Yes, it is part of the Chasing Boys cover, but it’s really just about the image.

Secondly, I’m not ashamed to admit that I put OW’s name in the post title and labels to see how much it skews the hit stats. (So much fun, in a very childish way.) But I don’t think Oprah would mind – she has done a lot to increase sales of books over the years.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.
What I did want to talk about was themes.
It has come to my attention, well really nudged something that I already knew and then forgot about, that every writer has a theme that you’ll find in their stories if you look hard enough.
Sometimes it’s just one theme that they explore over and over again.
Sometimes there are several themes and sometimes a different theme for every book.
Which made me think about what my themes were so far in the three YA books I have written.
I’ll have a stab, but I’m sure others would find it easier to pinpoint mine than I can.

Unrequited love
Missing parents
Wrong place, right time

I’ll let readers figure out which themes belong with which book/s.

How about the other writers out there?
Have you thought about the themes that occur in your own writing?

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In the words of Oprah Winfrey…

March 20, 2011

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that’s what I’m talking bout!
What a great weekend.

Saturday saw us make the trip to Phillip Island – an ideal setting for a beautiful wedding. Standing on a clifftop, blue sky, blue sea and the sound of the surf pounding in the background while a gorgeous young couple – Ryan O’Connell and Loz Bell, outdoor freaks both – pledged their love for each other in the presence of family and friends. A warm day turned into a balmy night, the moon was full and we dragged ourselves away at a late hour to return to Melbourne for Sunday commitments.

Sunday should have been a letdown (an early start, and were those stomach stumbles a result of too much champagne?).
It wasn’t.
Today was the first class of the Year of Writing for Children (YOWFC) and what an awesome class.
The Board Room – our space at the Wheelers Centre – set the tone. A big space with lots of light and state of the art equipment. (And right next door to the tea room – what a bonus!)
Sometimes it takes a while to warm up to each other in a writing class.
Takes a while to trust others enough to bare your soul.
While it was great to see the camaraderie and adventurous writing spirit of the attendees, it was the humour that rang through the empty corridors of Level 2 of the Wheeler Centre that set the tone.
Can’t wait for the next class in May.
Thanks to Bronwen for the strawberries.
Just do it, YOWFC writers.

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