In a heartbeat…

January 26, 2011

Categories: Marley, pet dog

She stands watching him, waiting
For the lift of an eyebrow, for the turn of his head
For the curve of his lips, or the rise of his chest
And while she waits…
A child is born to the world.
A heart is lost to love.
A gambler walks away from her addiction.
A friend holds his tongue and leaves things lie.
A leaf falls from a tree.
A shoot rises from the earth.
A prayer is answered.
A book is closed.

And when he raises his hand
As he has many times before
She runs
Anticipation adding speed
To her eager joy
Only to return the ball
So they can play again.

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

December 18, 2010

Categories: Bean bags and dogs, Christmas, Marley

To recap what I’ve talked about before…

My daughter (see pic with cat, taken some time ago) is mad about animals. For her 18th birthday she begged for a border collie, which she found herself after some work on the Internet etc etc. Said dog is Marley, who took her time to be convinced that you didn’t just squat and do your business whenever the urge took you.

Anyway, Marley is now past the puppy teething stage, but she was obviously bored (and a little cross that we have left her to her own devices a little too long) for we got home to a white Christmas the other night. All around the Christmas tree were drifts of white bean bag beans. She’d done a wonderful job opening the zip on the bag and tossing cheer all about the room. We are still picking beans up all throughout the house.

Marley. The gift that keeps on giving.

(I would show you a photo of the event, but the cord for the camera seems to be missing — fodder for another blog!)

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