Taj and the Great Camel Trek Book Launch

May 19, 2011

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May Gibbs Fellowship Thursday 19th May

Last night I attended the launch of Rosanne Hawke’s latest book Taj and the Great Camel Trek. This book took Rosanne four years to write, as it changed focus over that time to become the story that it is today. Aimed at ages 9+ readers, the story tells the story of explorer Ernest Giles on his second attempt to cross the Australian desert where ‘wild dogs, scorpions, poisonous snakes and a constant shortage of water mean they are never far from disaster’. The narrator of the story is Taj, a 12 year old cameleer. The book was launched by Janeen Brian, whose own story, Hoosh, was a CBCA Honour Book, Eve Pownell section.

Top Pic: Taj was launched at Tabor College – an amazing looking college in South Plympton
Middle Pic: Janeen Brian launched the book in great style
Bottom Pic: Rosanne Hawke, author of Taj and the Great Camel Trek

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