The Little Red Book

May 10, 2011

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May Gibbs Fellowship May 2011
Day 10

This is my little red book. It’s a Filofax and it was superseded when I got my iPhone two years ago. Not sure what made me dust it off and bring it along for the ride to Adelaide, but I’ve started using it again. I’ve ditched the idea of nicely divided up spaces for days and dates and just using blank pages in the order in the respective months.

There’s something to be said for old technology. (Is a book old technology?)

My iPhone died last night. In the middle of a call it ran out of battery life. I plugged it in for a recharge and came back to a white screen. Spent the next hour trying to get it to work. Talk about bad timing. Still, was very happy I’d set up my appointments and contacts in my Little Red Book.

Luckily a lovely man in the Apple Store in Norwood got it working for me again, though he couldn’t guarantee it would last. Am thinking of investing in some carrier pigeons…

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Dial I for Murder

January 13, 2011

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The home phone rang at 10.00 pm.
I have a few family and friends who will ring around this time, but still that first ring jangles the nerves as I check the clock to confirm the lateness of the hour.
10.00 pm.
The rain was hitting the windows at a 45 degree angle and the dogs raised their heads in query.
10.00 pm.
I answered. ‘Hello?’
There was a muffled noise at the other end.
Someone crying? Someone choking?
‘Hello?’ Louder this time.
Still no response, but someone definitely there.
Usually I would hang up at this point, but something made me persist.
A quavery voice finally filtered through.
‘Hello? Who is this?’ The voice was both demanding yet faint.
‘Well you rang me.’ By now I was getting annoyed. ‘It’s Karen.’
‘Karen. Who is this?’
She told me her name and I laughed.
‘Karen who?’ She was still confused.
‘KT,’ I said.
She blamed her new iPhone. Somehow, as she was turning out the bedside light, she’d rung my number.
As I hung up the rain continued to tattoo the window and the dogs returned to sleep.
Now how could I use that in a story…

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