Hippitty Hop…the Easter Bunny’s coming

April 19, 2011

Categories: Easter Bunny

When I was young my sister and I would leave out a carrot for the Easter Bunny on Saturday night and every Easter Sunday morning we’d wake to find the carrot gnawed down to a nub.

One year, after some late night grown-up celebrations, I woke to hear my mother giggling up the end of the hallway and my father shushing her to be quiet. And then an unexplained hiss and meow — our cat Sooty. These were strange happenings but I was only half-awake and it was easier to fall back to sleep than wonder what was going on. My sister and I woke up the next morning to find bunny footprints in talcum powder leading from the front door to our bedroom but I’d forgotten about the late night interruption and we found Easter Eggs in our back garden as usual. As usual my sister ate hers straight away and as usual I eked mine out over a longer period.

Years later my mother admitted to dipping the cat’s hind paws in talcum powder and bouncing her up the hallway to create the prints. I am still secure in the knowledge that the Easter Bunny came that night, though, for the carrot was gnawed down as usual in the morning and I know, for a fact, that Sooty had an aversion to vegetables.


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