Don’t stand so close to me…

February 17, 2011

Categories: claustrophobia

Sorry for the Police reference. I could have used Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall but it didn’t seem as appropriate. I have come to the very slow realisation that I am becoming more claustrophobic as I get older. It’s crept up on me like a slow growing vine, and sometimes I’ll turn around quickly to see it has progressed a few more leaves at a time.

I first noticed it at shopping centres. Ikea was the worst. All those arrows spiralling you into the ultimate shopping experience. When I moved out of my small office at work with the tiny window looking out on the sky and neighbour’s roof, I moved downstairs into the bigger office downstairs and faced a brick wall. Still, to my right was a huge expanse of window and views of the sky which helped. Now I work from home and my office window looks out onto the garden.


Outside my home office the other day a trailer load of cut wood was stacked outside my window, cutting off my view of the green and the street and the cars coming up the drive. At first I didn’t worry, but after a couple of days I had to restack the whole pile to somewhere else, as the panic of enclosure began to set in. How nice of my daughter to help me. Still, I wonder what it’s all about?

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