Ban the Blog

November 1, 2011

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Just a note to my loyal blog readers — I have a self-imposed ban on blogging at the moment as I race to the finishing line of my next book… (more…)


US Chasing Boys – Paperback writer

December 6, 2010

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The lovely people at Walker in the US have sent me the paperback version of Chasing Boys.
The parcel arrived at my front door with a nice fat thump.
I couldn’t answer the nice polite delivery man knock on the front door
as I realised I had turned into working from home person
who hadn’t even bothered to do her hair.
When I say do, I don’t necessarily mean brush
but at least rearrange out of bed hair do.

The front cover remains the same but the back cover is different from the original hard-back version — a lot lighter and includes a couple of review quotes.
Although I’ve had a few more babies since Chasing Boys
(Hostage, Burke & Wills and Six)
it’s always nice when the kids drop home and say hello.


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