Easter Sunday at the Farm

April 26, 2011

Categories: Across the Universe, Brady, Country Style Mag, Easter Sunday, Six, The Age, The Farm, The Seeds of Time, Winky Wonky Donkey

It’s been a tradition for many years to spend Easter at the family farm and this year was no exception. Many of us tent it, but there’s no point doing without luxury. Time is spent in comfort around a roaring fire each night unless it’s raining. This is the morning after a huge bonfire — there’s still a flame but the mist in the background is an indication of how cold it can get. If you look really closely in the distance you can see the disappearing tail of the Easter Bunny after depositing a stash of Easter eggs. That’s what 5 year old Brady told me, anyway…

What we were reading this Easter – The Seeds of Time, Six, Across the Universe, Country Style Mag, The Age, Winky Wonky Donkey, Peepo


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