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December 6, 2010

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I have to confess that my father was a dog-earer of books.
As a child I learned this disgusting habit from him, folding down a corner of a page to mark my progress through a book. I wonder if this is because the majority of books I had at my disposal were library books, which were already dog-eared and stained and smelling of other people’s lives. I’m not sure when I stopped this practice, but it could have been when I started getting my own collection of books to keep. Now I can’t dog-ear a book at all, and don’t know if I could even if my life depended on it (okay, maybe if my life depended on it…).
Which leads me to the question of, how do you mark your spot in a book?
I love bookmarks, but they seem to disappear into the land of the other sock that goes missing in the wash. I’m sure the bookmarks and single socks are having a rip-roaring time in some other dimension, but I’d rather they stay where they are supposed to — in this one.
Meanwhile… I use anything to mark my page.
My recent bookmarks have included:
hair ties
sticky notes
cinema tickets
ripped off pieces from The Age newspaper
a birthday card
a bobby pin
a receipt.
I am currently using a bandaid — not a used bandaid, of course, but an intact bandaid that I had fished out of my bag when I needed a bookmark. And when you think of it, a bandaid is a good choice for a bookmark. Consider paper cuts. You don’t often get a paper cut from reading a book, but if you did you would have a remedy at hand.
Which makes me think that bookmarking an e-reader must be not nearly as exciting as bookmarking a real book.


Age Banding – Let’s Take It Further

August 5, 2008

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One has to wonder what all the fuss is about re the suggested mandatory age banding on children’s books. I mean, I know it’s a free country, but really wouldn’t it be great to give the purchaser an indication of what reading and maturity level the book is pitched at? The thing is, we know all six year olds are the same. They have the same reading level and interest and understanding of life. That’s why Prep classes are so homogenous. There are no stars, no reluctant readers, no sporty kids or jokers. I think age banding should be stretched further to adult titles. It should be mandatory. No adults reading YA or kid’s fiction or 50-year-olds reading the latest pink fiction aimed at 20 year olds. Forget just age banding books, let’s move it on to the food types, moisturisers, cars and TV shows. This could be a revolution…

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