One car.
One after-party.
Six people, six points of view.
But only one outcome.

black dog books, Australia


‘ “6” is a beautifully crafted novel that is destined to have a profound impact on the YA literary scene… It’s one of those books you read as a reader and you think I wish there was a sequel. It’s one of those books you read as a writer and think, “I wish I’d written that.’

– Boomerang Books 26 Nov 10

‘…offers some truly chilling food for thought… the twist at the end will no doubt have many a reader in paroxysms of Six Sense-ish delight.’

– Read in One Sitting 1 Dec 10

‘Karen Tayleur’s coming-of-age story is both masterfully written and thoroughly gripping.’

– Frances Atkinson, The Age

‘I was hooked. I felt I knew these people, and feared for them. Karen Tayleur brilliantly captures the intensity of the final days before adulthood.’

– Carole Wilkinson

‘Very, very clever. Would keep anyone reading.’

– Joy Lawn

‘Adolescent politics in the context of a very grown-up problem… compelling reading.’

– Fairfield Books

Six shades of brilliant and you’d be crazy not to check it out. I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend it.

– Steph Bowe, Hey Teenager of the Year

“Karen Tayleur holds the reader’s interest from the dramatic prologue to the very last page of this cleverly plotted, character-driven novel…”

– Magpies 25.5, November 2010

“Karen Tayleur’s latest novel Six is a breathtakingly atmospheric read, full of mystery and intrigue.”

– Musty Pages

“A real page turner, Six will leave you wanting more.”

– Dolly Magazine December 2010

‘A suspenseful must-read.’
‘In the prologue, you can sense what a powerful story this will be. It doesn’t disappoint.’

– Kids Book Review, 2011

‘Six is a delicious blend of thriller and coming of age story which is sure to tickle the palate of teen readers.’

– Aussie Reviews, 2011

‘Karen has produced a very clever, intriguing tale that will keep you hooked to the end.’

– Need to Read This Blog, 2011

6 works well as a thriller but even better as a tense and taut coming-of-age story. The climactic build-up as each member of the group prepares for the Year 12 Formal effectively explores the brittle friendships and relationships teenagers form at school in their constant quest for recognition and identity.
Accentuated by its intriguing use of print genre conventions, snappy dialogue, keenly observed characters, and sharply disparate points of view, Karen Tayleur has crafted a clever book that will entice even the most jaded of readers.

– Christian Mondeil (WA), Fiction Focus: New Titles for Teenagers

Karen Tayleur holds the reader’s interest from the dramatic prologue to the very last page of this cleverly plotted, character-driven novel for young adults…The ‘Six’ are depicted so well, through their own voices, the perceptions of others and their convincing dialogue that their accounts are complementary but never confusing… Highly recommended.

– Lyn Linning

An amazingly confronting story of six young people in their last year of school. The voices of the characters seem so realistic and so true, especially to parents who have been through year twelve! Sarah is the clever girl but longs to be admired and sought after by Finn, a first footy team member and very good looking. We hear the stories of the other five but it is mostly Sarah’s story. The little ditties at the beginning of each chapter are intriguing, encouraging the reader to find out more. ?Year twelve is a roller coaster ride for many students and so each person’s story contributes to the whole. It’s the usual scenario of who loves whom and how does this work and if it doesn’t, then how devastating life becomes! What is so compelling about this year twelve drama is that the resolution is unexpected, thankfully! A very cleverly written story involving death, alcohol and cars. Parents and teachers sometimes worry about stories for year twelves, but this has all the elements of a disaster with an intriguing ending for discussion, and with the characters able to move into the next phase of their lives and having a little more understanding of the others in their group.?Well recommended for Middle and Senior Students?

– Sue Nosworthy, Read Plus

This gripping novel discusses frighteningly real and familiar issues. Six very different teenagers form a special fond after they find a dead body in the woods. Told from six different perspectives, the night is relived again and again. A real page turner, 6 will leave you wanting more.

– Dolly Magazine

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