Love notes from Vinegar House

Love notes from Vinegar House


‘There are some things you should know about me if we are going to be friends. Like, I don’t believe in ghosts.’

Freya Jackson Kramer lives in a nothing kind of house in a small seaside town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Vinegar House belongs to her grandmother and it sits in the middle of the end of nowhere. When Freya becomes embroiled in a local scandal, she is happy to escape to Vinegar House for the school holidays. But she’s not the only visitor; her least favourite cousin, Rumer, and her ex-crush, Luke, are also there. And what is the lure of the attic with its locked door…

This is a book for readers who believe in ghosts, for readers who don’t, and for those who are still sitting on the fence.


“Funny, sweet and at times downright scary, Love Notes from Vinegar House shows that family secrets never really vanish — they are just waiting for the right time to return to the surface…”

– Bookseller and Publisher Magazine

‘Freya’s fantasies endear her to the reader who becomes a willing confidante…an entertaining novel that is as much about family jealousies and first love as it is about ghosts.’

– Helen Purdie, Magpies Magazine

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