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David Mortimer Baxter

David Mortimore Baxter was a character in a short story, but he wanted more. So I asked black dog books if there was any space for him in a larger book, and they said yes. It’s not that he means to get into trouble. It just seems to follow him around…


David seems to be a magnet for trouble. He can never remeber to take his homework to school on Monday but always has a good excuse for his long suffering teacher, Ms Stacey. School bully, Victor Sneddon, always has his eye on David, and Rose Thornton is always getting up David’s nose. David belongs to a secret club, called The Secret Club because the members can’t agree on a real name. The members of the club are Joe Pagnopolous and Bec Trigg. The members of David’s family include a mum, a dad, a younger annoying brother, a hibernating teenage sister and a grandmother who is at least 100 years old. Oh, and he is good friends with TV wrestler, Smashing Smorgan.

David Mortimore Baxter – just your regular, everyday kid.

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