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Trusted by leading Australian and international authors, a Jin & Co. author website will give you a distinct identity to promote both you and your books.
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“I first contacted Jin when I happened across a beautiful website that acknowledged him as the designer. I contacted Jin straight away and said ‘I want that website, though obviously, not that website but a gorgeous one of my own.’ The most excruciating part of the process was the most productive — this was the questionnaire that Jin had me fill in before the commencement of any work. It left me with a clear idea of who I thought my target audience was, my secondary audience, and what I wanted from my website. The more information I could give Jin — the better the brief — the better the outcome was going to be. There were a few areas where I was a bit vague in my request and Jin was not only able to pin down exactly what I meant, but to offer suggestions about how these sections might work better. Communication is the key to an outcome where both parties are happy. I am very happy with the result.”

Karen Tayleur,
Children’s and YA Author

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