Author Goes AWOL

March 14, 2011

Categories: All Saints Lit Fest, Northern Sydney Region Teacher Librarian Conference, Victorian Writers Centre

Well, it’s been one of those weeks where you look back and think – how on earth did I fit that all in? Thank goodness for a public holiday on Monday, is all I can say.

Had a fabulous time in Sydney at the Northern Sydney Region Teacher Librarian Conference in Terry Hills talking everything e-books. During question time there was a question posed by one librarian – ‘where have all the adverbs gone?’ which I shall endeavor to address in a later post.

Sunday looms and I have a full class of students for the first Year of Writing for Children day for the Victorian Writers Centre. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting a bit of writing done, so hopefully they are ready to write in class.

Meanwhile my visit to All Saints Lit Fest in April is fast approaching…

4 Responses to “Author Goes AWOL”

  1. Alison Arnold says:

    Where have all the adverbs gone? I got rid of three out of a blurb I was writing the other day: tremulously, falteringly, dangerously. The world was not a worse place for losing them, and my blurb was infinitely (!) better.

  2. karen tayleur says:

    I read somewhere just recently that if you need an adverb it's because your verb wasn't strong enough in the first place – words to that effect anyway. You always do good blurbage Ms Alison!

  3. Andrew's black dog blog says:

    "Where have all the adverbs gone, long time passing." and not soon enough. I am looking forward to your later post on the topic.

    Ali, do expunge those evil adverbs!

  4. karen tayleur says:

    Hey AK – very nice Peter Paul and Mary rendition.

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