And so that was Christmas

December 27, 2011

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I hope you had fun. Days leading up to my Christmas were filled with catching up with friends, deadlines at work but mainly working hard on getting my next book to line edit. Christmas holidays are a great time to write and I know that a lot of people set aside this time for spending time doing the thing that they love, but I’d argue that you can do this all year through. You just need to set aside time. Step away from the rubbish called TV. Give yourself permission to spend time on ‘non-essential’ activities.
Back to work tomorrow, but looking forward to getting Love Notes from Vinegar House back from the editor. To all the holiday writers, enjoy. But just know this — you are allowed to write during the non-holiday period as well. Just ask the NaNoWriMo writers!

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  1. Nice post Kt and I think the slightly extended title fits well. Re the words, I also think that if they wish to be written – at least some of them – then they burrow their way into the fabric of us and make themselves heard, no matter what tries to get in the way.

  2. Great website and blog, Karen! And far more up to date than June!!

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