A message to Literary Life

October 17, 2010

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I read Megan’s blog recently – re her sister excited to have finished her 4,000 word essay, while Megan could brag 10,000 words of fiction (or was that more – and by the way congrats). The thing is, it’s all about the angst. Sometimes 10,000 is a breeze and sometimes writing a birthday card is agony. “if I say this, do they think I mean that?”

I’m not saying that 4,000 words of essay is worth 10,000 words of fiction.
It’s just that life isn’t about the number of words, or Pulitzer prizes or accolades from your peers.
Were these the best 4,000/10,000 words you could do?
Then well done you.

(I will now spend the next 10 hours checking the nuances of this blog.)

One Response to “A message to Literary Life”

  1. Megan Burke says:

    hahaha thanks for the post!

    And yes I completely agree re is the best we could do!

    And my sister knows I love her, even if I do brag in that typical sister fashion 😛

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