101 Things to Do instead of writing

July 11, 2011

Categories: writers procrastination

I sat down to write yesterday.
But first I had to check my emails and respond to them.
Then I checked out Facebook to see what I was missing out on.
Then I cleaned up my desktop.
Then I read the last chapter I worked on and did a bit of editing.
Then I was ready to start new writing.
So I got up to make myself a coffee and realised
this was the perfect day to swap the lounge room and dining room
which is something I’d been meaning to try for two years.
So I woke up the kids (11am by now)
and we finished up around 6ish
(have you ever tried to move a piano?).
So now I’m ready to write
today’s the day
although I do need to go the bank at some point…

2 Responses to “101 Things to Do instead of writing”

  1. Jill Blee says:

    it seems like every day is like that for me now. I don't do much furniture moving but there's the aged mother to visit, and the house bound sister. Then there is the dog that needs walking or she will pester me all day, and the emails, facebook and the blog. I'm even slacking where that is concerned. There doesn't seem any time after I have read everybody else's blog. I need more hours in my day or days in my week,


  2. karen tayleur says:

    I hear you Jill. I think we have to be more assertive with ourselves. Also, I wonder if the thought of failure is a driving factor? If we don't do, then we can't fail.

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